Do you know someone who wants to…

  • Make a change to their health and wellness?
  • Take control of their nutrition habits?
  • Learn how to eat right?
  • Lose weight?
  • Get fit?
  • Feel awesome every day?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, please invite your friends/family members to register for our Newbie Class.  There they will hear The Barn Message. Just click on the Newbie/Class Calendar and register for a Newbie Class


The Barn Message

The Newbie classes are the initial consultation. They are typically held every Wed at 5:30 PM and Sat at 12:30 PM. They last around 2 hours, and cost $50. We ask that all clients download AND setup the Lose It app on their smart phones.

Seats ARE limited, please REGISTER using the NEWBIE/CLASS CALENDAR menu selection below. We do offer the Newbie Class broadcast via Zoom you can view from home (with no limits on the number of viewers).. Once weekly afterwards, a one-on-one consultation is recommended for a period of time with Mary.. The cost is $10 per visit…

For more info on how all this works click below:

How do you sign-up for The Barn’s IN-PERSON Newbie Class? Click below, purchase a ticket..

How do you sign up for a Zoom Newbie Class? Click below, fill out the info, you will get an email regarding payment, scheduling, etc… (You can also purchase Zoom tickets now from the Newbie Class Calendar as well.. Select a date on the Newbie/Class Calendar and go to the bottom – Purchase Zoom ticket)..