About Us

The Barn Enterprises, LLC opened initially Oct 7, 2018. It all started as Mary and Brad started training 1 Dallas Area High School athlete out of their home. When her family started to take notice of the results and in talking to Mary about her nutrition expertise, they started to train at their home as well. As word spread more and more people came to their home for nutritional advice and physical training. Before long it became clear that this was becoming an issue for neighbors and even just living at the home with 1000s of visits every week. The idea of opening a legit business was born. But where? Mary and Brad looked at a few locations, but the Barn is what captured their attention. Once inside, Brad could see the wheels turning in Mary’s head.. The idea of the Barn was taking root, and The Barn Nutrition and Fitness was hatched. At that time there was one location, the Barn. After only 1 year of operation, we expanded next door to the Farm House and celebrated our Grand Opening on July 20, 2019.

Member of the Back Mountain Chamber of Commerce.