How does one get started?….

The Newbie Class is the initial consultation, this is where it starts, for ALL clients.. Due to demand and her schedule, Mary does NOT do any individual initial consultations, or appointments of ANY KIND.. There are NO exceptions to this rule for ANY reason.

All clients are to download AND setup the Lose It app on their smart phones. (there are a number of questions that need answered once opening the app. This is how your Lose It account is setup)..

Newbie Classes are typically held every Wed at 5:30 PM and Sat at 12:30 PM. They last around 2 hours, and cost $50.

There are other apps, however Lose It is what Mary works with. We have a large number of clients and a nice network between them has been developed for info/recipe sharing and communication.

In-Person Newbie Class seats ARE limited due to space and they do sell out quickly, please register by PURCHASING AN IN-PERSON or ZOOM TICKET using the NEWBIE/CLASS CALENDAR selection below. If you purchase a ticket for an IN-PERSON Newbie class, this means you are reserving a seat for the IN-PERSON Newbie class at the FARMHOUSE. We do offer a live broadcast of the Newbie class via Zoom which allows you to view the class in the comfort of your own home, with no limitations on how many Zoomers we can have.. Zoomers are to VIEW THE CLASS FROM THEIR HOME. We have no room for Zoomers to just show up at the Farmhouse during Newbie classes.. So PLEASE CHECK YOUR TICKET!! .. If you purchased a Zoom ticket you will need to come in sometime prior or after the Newbie Class to get your initial weight/measurement..

After you attended the Newbie Class OR viewed via Zoom, once weekly, you would come to the FARMHOUSE for your one-on-one weigh-in.. The cost is $10 per visit. These are open weigh ins and you’ll be provided Marys weigh in schedule at the Newbie Class..

How do you sign-up for The Barn’s IN-PERSON Newbie Class OR Zoom class? Click below, purchase a ticket..